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Dinosaur Cloth

Dinosaur Cloth

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📏 36.5" X 23"
✔️ Easy to Use
🔁 Double Sided Cloth Coloring Mats
🧺 Machine Washable
➖ Integrated Pocket to Hold Markers
♻️ Eco Friendly
♾️Infinite uses
🎨Stimulates Creativity
🔩 Improves Fine Motor Skills
🧩 Encourages Self Expression
✍️Offers Practice for Pencil Grip
🖐Helps Develop Hand Strength and Handwriting
💡Develops Critical Thinking Skills
🏅 Improves Confidence 
👼 Stress Relief and Allows Children to Relax
🤳Better Alternative to Screen Time
 ⏳ Teaches Patience
🔴Color and Shape Recognition
💭Develops Spatial Awareness
🧘Promotes Relaxation 
🔍 Teaches Focus
♾️Infinite uses
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family Friendly & Promotes Together Time.
🚚Discounted Shipping Rates   
s Together Time.
🚚Discounted Shipping Rates  

As parents we understand that the development of your children is extremely important. In todays world we have so many entertainment options that its easy to become consumers instead of creators.

Our Creative Cloth Co Coloring Mats allow your children to express themselves all while activating the creative areas of their brain.  Not only is it a much better alternative to traditional screen time but it is a great activity for every member of the family. 

Directions For Use:

  1. Use Crayola Ultra Washable Markers
  2. Let Your Little one go wild or structure activities based on their individual needs and the coloring cloth you have.
  3. Once they are done creating or your mat has been fully colored or you just want a fresh surface to work on simply soak the mat in the sink or tub and rinse by hand 3 times 
  4. Place the Mat in the Washing machine with your regular loads
  5. Machine or Hang dry!
  6. Repeat!

*Crayola Ultra Washable Markers not included in your purchase. 


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