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ABC Cloth

ABC Cloth

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 As parents we understand that the development of your children is extremely important. In todays world we have so many entertainment options that its easy to become consumers instead of creators.


🎨 Stimulates Creativity: Unleash your child's imagination with our innovative double-sided cloth coloring mats. 


🔩 Improves Fine Motor Skills: Watch your child's fine motor skills flourish as they navigate intricate designs on our coloring mats.


🧩 Encourages Self Expression: Our coloring mats provide a safe space for them to pour their emotions onto fabric, creating art that speaks volumes about their individuality.


👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Promotes Family Time: Forge unforgettable bonds as a family with our coloring mats that are designed to nurture togetherness. 


🤳 Better Alternative to Screen Time: Step away from screens and into a world of hands-on exploration. Our coloring mats offer a refreshing break from digital devices, providing hours of enriching entertainment that's both engaging and educational.

Directions For Use:

  1. Use Crayola Ultra Washable Markers
  2. Let Your Little one go wild or structure activities based on their individual needs and the coloring cloth you have.
  3. Once they are done creating or your mat has been fully colored or you just want a fresh surface to work on simply soak the mat in the sink or tub and rinse by hand 3 times 
  4. Place the Mat in the Washing machine with your regular loads
  5. Machine or Hang dry!
  6. Repeat!

*Crayola Ultra Washable Markers not included in your purchase. 


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